ancient ascent

ancient ascent · 17. January 2018
All tour dates finalized and we are proud to announce some more great artists exhibiting their work along the tour: Nordic Pyrography will not only exhibit at one of our upcoming tour dates but will adorn the entire tour with his art! The name already reveals what Eric's craft centers around. Nordic mythology and history is being revived through the burning fire, banned on wooden materials such as plates, jewelry boxes, and much more. 17.2.18 - ERFURT, FROM HELL MINA WALLACE PHOTOGRAPHY who is...

ancient ascent · 22. December 2017
QUANTHEON Touring stands for concept touring meaning tour packages where everything fits together and the experience stretches way beyond the musical realm. That said we are very proud to announce that we could win WÆIK for an exclusive exhibition during one of our upcoming tour dates with ANGANTYR, Ereb Altor, Waldgeflüster and Asenblut! On 25th of February at Helvete Pub - Club - Live Stage fitting to the concept of the ANCIENT ASCENT tour Rebecca Wæik will present a selection of her work...

ancient ascent · 01. December 2017
Nex concept tour ahead with ANGANTYR, Ereb Altor, Waldgeflüster, Asenblut under the banner of ANCIENT ASCENT! Dates: 16.02.18 - Frostfeuernächte 2018 (DE)** 17.02.19 - Club From Hell Erfurt (DE) 18.02.18 - Vienna, Escape (AT) 21.02.18 - Olten, Coq D'Or (CH) 23.02.18 - Lyon, Le Blogg (FR) 24.02.18 - Cernunnos Pagan Fest 2018 - Xème édition (FR) 25.02.18 - Oberhausen, Helvete Pub - Club - Live Stage (DE) ** without Angantyr More dates soon!