VARULVEN - "Lycanthropia"

Tattoo Artist (Blackwork, Obscure, Traditional), Illustrator


With the exclusive exhibition "Lycanthropia", a collection of raw artwork, Tatiana Marotta publishing art and tattooing since 2007 under the name VARULVEN, will join the REFLECTIVE DIMENSIONS tour from 17th to 20th of October! "Built of pen and paper, or engraved eternally on flesh, these illustrations border the occult, featuring dark yet fantastic characters. Answering the call of the wild, said artwork are dreams awakened by the restless beast, reflections of the thin lines separating wolf and men." (Varulven)


A very limited number of tattoo spots will be available. Booking at:

17.10.18: Vienna (AT)
Innsbruck (AT)

19.10.18: Stuttgart (DE)

20.10.18: Olten (CH)


How did it all start? Was there a significant event or was it a continuous progress that brought you to what you are doing today?


I guess it all started before I was even born. So I would say it is a continuous progress. The things that inspire me today are the same that inspired me as a child. I used to live in my little imaginary world where I'd shape shift and be wild. I used to sketch wolves and dragons everywhere, and the first music I ever liked, before I knew Metal was a thing, were from the games Killer Instinct and Castlevania.

Whatever leads me to draw the way I do, is the same inner urge that told me I was going to move to Europe one day. Nowadays I can direct this restless source of inspirations into my artwork. Before, I simply didn't had the tools to do that, now it evolves and reinvents itself through art.


Where does your artist name come from?


I don't really have an artist name, but I've decided to brand it all (Tattoos, designs, apparel) under the name VARULVEN. Like this cover song from Garmarna, originally a tragic medieval ballad about a lady that enters the woods and meets a wolf.
I thought that song and all about it illustrates really well, in an symbolic sort of way, the artwork that I do.



What does it means to you to create your art?


It means to feed the urge inside to create. To give shape to what is only essence.



What would happen if one would prevent you from doing art?


I wouldn't ever allow one to take my art from me. But suppose, I can't do art. My mind would probably rot away into an empty void, and my heart would dry out. Would be like losing my wolf.



Where are you drawing inspiration from?


When you walk through misty woods. When you smell a bonfire, or when you look up at a full moon through the clouds. When there's a threatening wind and you know a storm is coming. Or you hear the ritual drums... It lifts the hairs on your neck. This driving feeling you have, is what stirs something almost primal and awakens the urge to create.



Selection of tattoos done by Varulven

Are there some certain principles or guidelines you apply when creating a new piece? Not only with regards to your art itself but also the environment you create in, your surroundings, the atmosphere?


Being a tattoo artist I am used to create art when Its needed to be created, even if I do not identify with it. Sometimes I don't even believe in it. Also, Tattoos need to happen in the most random environments. It is sad but true, but many times with tattoo, it is just work to be done. It does not mean I will neglect said designs, I will certainly put effort and dedication for my costumer to have an unique piece and be satisfied. But, when I am creating my art, tattoo design or illustration, the way I like it to be... I enjoy doing it alone, very early in the morning, with music that suits the motive (mostly Black Metal, Industrial or Neofolk).
Coffee is mandatory. I also tend to draw far more during autumn and winter.



What do you feel when you create?


Creating for me leads to what I believe is almost a meditative state. When it flows well, It fills me with pure joy. If I am creating for someone who I somehow admire or inspires me, then I have an immense sense of accomplishment.


Why are you doing what you're doing? What is the purpose behind it? Is there a grand philosophy behind your art?


Why does a shark hunt? Because it is his nature. I guess the same thought applies here. This is for me a necessity, as it is to breath and feed. There's no grand philosophy
behind my art, I am simply doing what I am supposed to do.

Selection of tattoos done by Varulven

What did you always wanted to tell about your artwork but nobody asked the right question?

I would like everyone to know, that I love to create for those who find my artwork appealing. Because it is not for everyone. The people who like what I do, are the people like me. It is a limited but very special public, and creating artwork for them, I am handing out wood to those feeding the fire.