How did it all start? Was there a significant event or was it more a continuous progress that brought you to what you are doing today?

 My art is an expression of my life, so it developed like it: progressively. It started with painting which I cannot remember when I started and then at some point shifted more to photography. The subject for which today I am most known for. Since I was a little kid I always had a camera with me photographing clouds and nature. In 2010 a friend founded an online magazine and needed photographers to cover live concerts. I had never photographed bands before, but agreed to help out and found that at this point of time it was the thing I wanted to do. What stuck with me was that on stage you can see the real self of a person and have the opportunity to capture it. Off stage, they often wear masks, are false, pretend, cover who they really are. On stage they let loose, the mask falls given you have an authentic artist. I am drawn to what is real, authentic. No matter what it is as long as it is authentic it has an infinitely great value to me. But as fascinating as live photography is, you only “react” to something. To the artist moving on stage, to the lights, to the atmosphere, to the music. You freeze, interpret and ban a given situation into a still. You never really create something new, you always depend on a given situation and interpret. I felt the urge to fully create something my own, from scratch. This was when I started to shift back to painting, got into carving, building installations, and creating runic jewellery.


 Where does your Artist name come from?

 'Sunvemetal' came to being in 2011. At first it was a photographic collaboration between Caelumi Photography (today: MTHS ART), my at that time closest friend, and Lunarjyaworks, that was me. We decided to create a new name that could be filled with meaning, that's how 'Sunvemetal' was born. After a year my friend left the project due to lack of time and it became my own. From that time on I filled the name with my life, with my meaning, and made it my life.


What does it mean to you to create your art?

 To live. To be free.


What would happen if one would prevent you from doing art?
My art does not exist in a separate continuum. I live my art. My life is my art. If you want to prevent me from art, you'd have to prevent me to live.


Where are you drawing inspiration from?

 From everything true. Be it nature, strong emotions, meaningful words, a glowing soul.


Are there some certain principles or guidelines you apply when creating a new piece? Not only with regards to your art itself but also to the environment you create in, your surroundings, the atmosphere?
I need 'space'. Space for my Self to unfold and be. I need to be in or create the atmosphere where I feel free, where I can build my own world around me. Be it either through creating a piece in nature or sitting in my art studio with according music, candle light and incense. There are several possibilities, but I need an environment where I can shut off the noise of society and people. Surroundings where I just hear my own inner voice.


What do you feel when you create?

Timelessness. Peace. Inner calmness. A connection to the energy and primal power that surrounds and connects us all.


Why are you doing what you are doing? What is the purpose behind? Is there a grand philosophy behind your art?

Everything I do are means not the end. My photography, my jewelry, my presentation, my texts, my adventures, whatever I share publicly or say in private. It's not only all 100% me it is always for a purpose. My entire life is dedicated to the development of the soul. Not mine but everybody's and everything's. I want to live in a world where everything living lives in harmony having reached a level of consciousness that everything malicious that currently acts like cancer in the world has disappeared. I want to live in a world where nobody and nothing rots but everybody and everything thrives. I want to live in a world of creation. And like with everything if you wish something to be changed you have to start with yourself.


I live to inspire for change, development, and creation. To inspire to stay true to ones own soul. To help it grow, help it shine, to make it heard. I want to live in a world where I meet souls not dead vessels. Where the voices of souls are strong and shine not being incarcerated and ignored. I want to live in a world where I meet people whose eyes glow, who know themselves, who know their purpose and thrive on living for it. Thrive on development. Thrive on creating.

This is the purpose behind EVERYTHING I do. Be it my art, my training, the true purpose of my touring agency, my way of life, everything. It is all expression of the same on different levels in different shades.


What drives you creating?

I am convinced that the natural drive of anyone is creating something, giving live, and evolving on having created something new. Destructive, apathetic, or lethargic behavior only comes into play if one is prevented from creating and I erased all those influences out of my life. So, my drive is life itself. I live, I create to evolve.