With "Selbstreflektion - der Weg, den wir gehen und was davon bleibt." (German for "Self-reflection - the path we choose and what remains") Kain, so far known to the public only as vocalist of Black Metal band THYRGRIM, will reveal for the first time his other artistic side, namely being an extraordinary talented illustrator. "Self-reflection" will show his interpretation of motifs that drive us as humans. From the deadly sins over self destructive emotions to positive motivators like religion, spirituality, and nature. The exhibition will show the recipient "what drives us until the end and what remains of the path we chose after we die" (Kain).




Album cover 'Vermächtnis'
Album cover 'Vermächtnis'

 How did it all start? Was there a significant event or was it more a continuous progress that brought you to what you are doing today?



First, it was just an idea, to create the artwork for my upcoming CD "Vermächtnis" on my own… to have everything done by myself, the music, the lyrics, the artwork… no help from others. It was really satisfying to hold the drawings in my hands… and so… there grew more ideas in my mind, more illustrations, and I never stopped drawing.




The artist behind
The artist behind

Where does your Artist name come from?


In the Bible, Kain was the first man who brought death to earth… who changed Gods well planned order into chaos. So, I think it fits, who wants to be a part of the “normal” life?



What does it mean to you to create your art?





What would happen if one would prevent you from doing art?


I think this wouldn’t be possible. Sure, you can take away my paper, my pencil, my guitar… but then would be open up a new way to live my creativity.




 Where are you drawing inspiration from?


Everything can be an inspiration… a dream, a feeling, a book, a situation, a landscape… even a concert or physical exhaustion.



Are there some certain principles or guidelines you apply when creating a new piece? Not only with regards to your art itself but also to the environment you create in, your surroundings, the atmosphere?


I just need a table, good light and maybe some music to work on an idea.




Why are you doing what you are doing? What is the purpose behind? Is there a grand philosophy behind your art?


The main philosophy is reflection… of me, of the people around me or of everything that is going wrong.



What drives you creating?


The feeling to free my mind.


When I have an idea, it’s working in my mind until I draw it. It’s growing, takes every free second of my thoughts… like a possession.


And then, when it’s done, it feels like … a healing… hard to describe.


And this is, why I called creating as some kind freedom.

...until the end
...until the end

What did you always wanted to tell about your art but nobody asked the right question?


It’s a mirror… some people who like my art (music, drawings) don’t understand, that they are the one who inspired me.