With his exhibition 'WISDOM & SACRIFICE' Fuil Arsa Art will join the entire Rise of the Cosmic Fire II tour. A small selection of his incredible works (prints and patches) will be for sale at the merch.


24.11.18 - Prague, Nova Chmelnice
25.11.18 - Hamburg, Kulturpalast
26.11.18 - Erfurt, Club From Hell
27.11.18 - Flensburg, Roxy
28.11.18 - Copenhagen, Pumpehuset
29.11.18 - Oberhausen, Helvete
30.11.18 - Arnhem, Willemeen
1.12.18 - Aalst, Cinema
2.12.18 - Paris, Le Gibus
3.12.18 - Colmar, Le Grillen
4.12.18 - Saint-Etienne, Le Clapier
5.12.18 - Mannheim, MS Connexion
6.12.18 - Aarburg, Musigburg
7.12.18 - Milan, Slaughter Club
8.12.18 - San Dona Di Piave, Revolver
9.12.18 - Vienna, Viper Room


"Tradition is not the worship of ashes...But the preservation of fire." Fuil Arsa Art.






How did it all start? Was there a significant event or was it more a continuous progress that brought you to what you are doing today?

I have been drawing/painting since I was a very young child, as I’ve gotten older it’s became more important for me, I think as anybody who's truly passionate about their art I’ve always strived to get better.


Where does your Artist name come from?

Its comes from the old Irish/Gaelic language, it translates as Ancient Blood.


What does it mean to you to create your art?

To me the creation of Art is as essential as breathing.



What would happen if one would prevent you from doing art?

It’s something I’ve never thought about, but as I see my art as an extension of myself, to say I’d be extremely unhappy would be an understatement.


Where are you drawing inspiration from?

From my surroundings, nature, music, ancient symbolism, visions, dreams.


What do you feel when you create?

At times I feel totally at ease & lost in my work at others frustration (when a concept doesn’t quite work as planned). But generally a sense of satisfaction.


Why are you doing what you are doing? What is the purpose behind? Is there a grand philosophy behind your art?

My paintings are an offering. A tribute to the natural world, and the inspiration our ancestors received from their surrounds in ancient times. In my recent works particularly the focus has been the spiritual connection between nature and the wisdom of the old God’s, channeled through various representations of life, death, symbolism & rebirth, resonating as wordless tributes to these largely long forgotten fundamental concepts. So I suppose if there’s a greater purpose to my Art it’s the hope that whilst looking at it that some people may try reconnect with their own culture's or wisdom of the past.



What drives you creating?

I’ve always felt the drive within myself to create, albeit at certain times very sporadically it’s a part of me that I'll always feel/need to do. Its also a very therapeutic escape from the mundane nonsense of every day living.