How did it all start? Was there a significant event or was it more a continuous progress that brought you to what you are doing today?

It started very simple like many things. As many Metal fans do, I decorated my home with posters, flags, even skulls of all kind and bones. In addition I had a huge tank-shell for umbrellas in my flat. One time I received a few bullet shells from a friend of mine who is also a hunter, with the words "here, maybe you can do something with it" .

At first I put them on the "altar" in my living-room. I always wanted to create something with my hands, and finally after a long time the idea to combine these two aspects was ripe. The process itself took its time, starting from zero. How do I get the sketches in the metal? Where do I get the material, working on a round surface etc. It´s still at the beginning but it burns under my skin and nails.


Where does your Artist name come from?

It´s related to the book of Sun Zi "Art of War" and of course based on the material I use.


What does it mean to you to create your art?

To re-form something without killing it´s true origin completely. Giving new live to things when they lost their purpose they were created for. Passion for metal of all kind, it was always something of big value to me. I even refused to throw away a rusty nail at some point.


What would happen if one would prevent you from doing art?

This is difficult to answer. I think art will always find a way and it´s creator will always act as the lion protecting her children. Depends on how this prevention will look like, but I take it as :" Rats always survive ".


Where are you drawing inspiration from?

Music, books, artworks, photography, all kinds of visual and spiritual form. When I sit down I let my pencil just draw sketches and when I´m satisfied with the idea i try to get it on a bullet.


Are there some certain principles or guidelines you apply when creating a new piece? Not only with regards to your art itself but also to the environment you create in, your surroundings, the atmosphere?

First of all, it has to feel good. There is so much to discover and combine! In my basement I built up my own storage for tools, materials and a working space where I feel comfortable. The process itself setting up this place was a satisfying thing to do. Important when sitting there and engraving is music in the background for sure!


What do you feel when you create?

It is like calming down. At the same time euphoria creating something with your hands. Massive Satisfaction when finished with every single piece, because one bad mistake makes me starting all over again on a new shell (if I have enough in stock from the same caliber). In the end it feels great, even more when trying out new stuff (there are a few very challenging things to do for some great people! ) but you only can grow with challenge.


Why are you doing what you are doing? What is the purpose behind? Is there a grand philosophy behind your art?

It might be like breaking a circle. Bullets get shot, shells thrown away, melted and reproduced or get stuffed again for usage. I take them and give them a new purpose. Not something like "make love, not war". The morbid fascination of how creative humanity always was when it goes to create weaponry.

Since I was a boy I had a special affinity for tanks for instance. You never know (like me neither) where it was shot, did it kill, did it hit it´s target?


What drives you creating?

Turning my inside out to the world.


What did you always wanted to tell about your art but nobody asked the right question?

Time will tell, it´s just the beginning