After working on tour professionally since a couple of years it was time to take 100% control of our future business to make sure that both artists and crew-members will experience the best possible circumstances on the road to focus on the important aspects of touring: the freedom of artistic expression and the joy of traveling the world!


QUANTHEON TOURING is not another average booking agency. We will not sign any bands to take over the general booking including single-shows and festival appearances. Instead we will realize specific conceptual tour productions, gathering artists representing a common inner spirit - the fundament of reaching a higher level of concert experiences!

PHILOSOPHY behind 'Quantheon':

The first part 'Quan(t)' figuratively refers in general to the whole quantum world where you won't find linear progression but all sorts of seemingly in-explainable and sudden developments. Specifically quantum jump or quantum leap – an abrupt change in the energy state of an elemental unit such as molecule, atom or subatomic particle. Such particles do not smoothly transition from one energy state to another; rather, they jump or leap from a state of rest to an excited state. QUANTHEON TOURING aims to launch events and provide an atmosphere that makes sudden developments possible. We want to connect people that have such an immense powerful synergistic energy that they hit a threshold where there is a sudden leap and everybody reaches a new level they never reached before; in artistic expression, in ideas, in creativity, in personal development. Like a quantum leap. It is nothing that can be grasped by the rational mind, something we cannot comprehend but have to experience. The second part 'theon' derives from the Greek word 'theos' (θεός) and literally translated means 'of or for the gods'. QUANTHEON reaches beyond the material world.


On a tour so many great individuals are brought together who have such a massive potential but instead of using this energy on an ordinary tour it happens that most fall into that stereotype of useless drinking, superficial bullshit talk and starring at walls or screens because there is just nothing to do or not the proper atmosphere to dive into a deeper level of communication and action. We want to change that.